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PALAPA HOMES, with domicile at Paamul, Solidaridad Quintana Roo, Mexico.



Users are informed that PALAPA HOMES shall request and collect personal data from subscribers and website users over any of the following channels: online, by telephone, or in person, in the form of physical or electronic subscriptions, either directly or through partnerships with other companies. PALAPA HOMES. is responsible for handling your personal data, regardless of how they may be collected.

The personal data we collect is the following:

  • Whenever data is collected from non-subscriber users, it consists in their name and e-mail. In some instances, telephone number, sex, age, date of birth, place of birth, and state of residence will also be collected when due to the workings of the promotions or advertising campaigns these latter are required to contact the data owner or to comply with the conditions to be able to participate in a promotion, raffle or contest. 

We do not collect sensitive information from the users, for which there is no need to obtain the express and written consent from the owners.



The purposes for which we collect data is to send out advertising promotions, company information, contests, prizes, and any other kind of information related to the commercial activities of PALAPA HOMES.




In accordance with the Federal Act for the Protection of Personal Data in the Possession of Private Parties, the owner of the personal data has, at all times, the right to access, modify and delete their personal data, as well as to object to the handling thereof, or revoke the consent given for such effect (ARCO Rights), via the procedures we have put in place for such purposes.

In the case of the primary purposes described above, the owner of personal data is aware that the exercising of their rights of objection or deletion may render the provision of services contracted from PALAPA HOMES impossible. PALAPA HOMES. shall not be responsible for any ARCO rights request which would prevent the provision of a service contracted by the user.

For the exercising of ARCO rights, the owner must send an e-mail to the person responsible for data handling at PALAPA HOMES. at the following e-mail address:, or, submit a printed request, signed by the owner of the data, at the address shown at the top of this privacy notice; expressing as succinctly and as clearly as possible, the request at hand.

The rights request must be labeled with the reference REQUEST TO EXERCISE ARCO RIGHTS and the full name of the owner of the data, as well as include a simple copy of the identity document of the owner of the personal data, in order to ensure the identity thereof.

If the rights request is made by a person other than the owner, this person must be able to demonstrate their mandate and having sufficient authority to act as agent, with a legal document upholding such, as well as to attach copies of the identity documents of the owner of the data and the agent.



PALAPA HOMES. will not transfer your data to third parties, so it is not necessary to obtain express consent for such purposes. 

Transfers may be made to third parties within the country or abroad, including, without limitation, to service providers, publicists, and persons other than this company, for the sole purpose of providing services and performing their activities; PALAPA HOMES. has adopted the technical and legal measures necessary for ensuring that any third party that may come to be involved at any stage of Personal Data Handling, shall maintain confidentiality with regards to such, in order to provide information for the convenience and benefit of the user.




PALAPA HOMES. has adopted technological measures, best practices, and internal policies to ensure the security of your personal data, however, being stored on digital media, security breaches can occur, in the event whereof PALAPA HOMES shall inform the owners of data, based upon the information it has available, preferably over e-mail, so that the users/owners may take the necessary steps to prevent the misuse of their information.



Our website uses cookie tools to improve user experience on our web pages, so, when browsing thereon, you consent to the use thereof, unless you are using appropriate configurations and tools on your own browsers which disable them. A Cookie is a small file sent to your computer, mobile, or any other electronic device while you are browsing the Web, and you visit a site that uses cookies, and which, among other things, makes your device recognizable for future visits.

Tracking and analytical cookies

The use of analytical and tracking cookies on our website is intended for the sole purpose of improving the end-user experience on the Web, by measuring traffic on our sites, as well as obtaining and analyzing statistical data on users in an anonymous way, via the following functions:

  • It allows the identification of devices and browsers used by the user to browse the Web; however, we do not use any tracking tools to identify the user.
  • It allows an approximate count of the number of visitors and their movements over time.
  • It allows us to identify the most-visited content over the devices or browsers from which they are accessed. Said identification is done anonymously.
  • It tells us if the device on which our website is being accessed is new or a repeat visitor.
  • It gives us data on the tastes and preferences of users, in a general and anonymous way, by the collection of statistical data and to lets us present information which we deem of interest for the same.

This website uses the “Google Analytics” tool, an online analytical traffic measurement service provided by Google, Inc.

The information generated by the cookie on your web use (including the IP address of the device you are using) shall be directly collected, transmitted, and stored by Google on their servers in the USA.

Google may transfer said information to third parties according to its own privacy policies and local legislation, and thus by browsing this website, you consent and accept, along with our own, Google’s privacy policies, in particular those relevant to the “Google Analytics” tool.

You may find more information on the data privacy and security policy of “Google Analytics” at:

Users may configure their browser to reject this Cookie, or all Cookies, and thus prevent the providers of these services from collecting this information whilst you browse our web pages.

None of these providers store the IP addresses of any users, including users based in Latin American countries or the European Union.

Advertising cookies

We use advertising cookies in order to serve advertisements of our own or that of third parties based upon preferences and statistical data, collected anonymously without specifically identifying users.

Said cookies are used to tailor advertising to users based upon content they are interested in, to improve reports on campaign performance, and avoid showing advertisements the user may have already seen or that are likely not of interest.

Our websites allow third parties to serve advertising and access data collected by advertising cookies, so the treatment of data may be subject to said third parties’ privacy policies.

Our website uses advertising cookies provided by Google, Inc. in a tool called “DoubleClick for Publishers”, and the conditions and use of these are subject to their own privacy policies and local legislation, for which reason when browsing the website, you consent and accept, alongside our own, the privacy policies of Google, in particular those related to the tool “DoubleClick for Publishers”.

You can find more information on the data privacy and security policy of “DoubleClick for Publishers” at:



PALAPA HOMES. does not collect or handle personal data belonging to minors under the age of 13, and has implemented the necessary measures readily at its disposal in order to identify minors and withhold its services. For some of the services we provide and some of our promotions we reserve the right to require our users to be of legal age.


PALAPA HOMES reserves the right to modify, at any time, the content of this Privacy Notice.

The last modification date of this notice is February 1st 2022

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